Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Cool tools

Remember The Milk keeps getting better. In fact, I'm thinking of getting a pro membership just for the iPhone app.

Speaking of iPhone apps, here are some things that help me get stuff done:

Evernote. I use it to remember articles I want to ready, clip recipes I like, flag videos I want to watch, things I want to blog about, stuff to post on Facebook, or really just about anything I want to remember. The text recognition is nice, but I wish there was a "save as text" option for handwritten notes and pictures.

Google Reader. Three things rock about Google Reader. 1. I subscribe to RSS feeds of my favorite NPR podcasts, so I can hear them whenever I want. 2. I can easily see which blog posts and news articles I've already read, and have things filtered so only new articles show up. 3. The search engine lets me search within the articles I've read, or flag articles for memory, so I can easily refresh my memory about that thing I read that one time by the guy about the place. You know the one.

ShopShop, a free shopping list for iPhones. You can do multiple lists, so I have three: to do, shopping, and packing lists. Easy peasy.

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