Thursday, October 08, 2009


I've been watching, and tonight's episode was annoying. There was what seemed like a significant bit of dialogue early on between two of the major characters about who's going to pick their daughter up from school, and then the protagonist, who said he was going to pick her up, runs off to Germany.

I'm expecting him to realize at some point that he got caught up in work and forgot his daughter, but she's not mentioned or shown for the rest of the episode. That little bit of dialogue was, I guess, supposed to just be filler, but when you have a character say "I'm going to do this thing," and they don't, that's a plot point, not filler.

Maybe I'm making too much of a little thing, but I spent half the show worrying about his daughter. When the promos for the show are constantly saying "Everything is important," you can't just drop threads like that.

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