Monday, October 26, 2009

My latest million dollar idea

One of the problems in our current healthcare system is that it discourages people from starting their own business, because their healthcare is shackled to their jobs. So if we fix that, what's going to happen? Are the best and brightest employees going to start jumping ship in order to start their own businesses? That's got the potential to be a huge problem for big corporations, and I have a potential solution, inspired by our former president's latest foray into inspirational speaking:

De-motivation seminars. It should be pretty cheap to set up, actually. The vast majority of small businesses fail within a couple of years, and a lot of those people end up bankrupt. That means there are tons of people out there with very compelling stories about how they had a nice, safe, boring job in a cubicle somewhere, but they left it all behind to chase their dreams and ended up bankrupting their families and ruining their lives. The nice thing is that we can probably pay these people peanuts, and then charge companies a ton to help them keep their employees chained to their desks by fear of bankruptcy.

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