Monday, April 19, 2010

15 Years Ago Today

I was living in Kirksville, where there were limited TV news options, so when I heard that there had been a terrorist attack on a federal building in Oklahoma City, I did a lot of channel surfing. On of the news sources I was using, because there wasn't anything better, was The 700 Club.

The thing I remember most about that day was the rhetoric Pat Robertson used. Early on, he used the word "attack" again and again, and send that whoever was responsible had committed a grave crime against humanity, and that nothing less than a full retaliation would be tolerated. And then I channel surfed away to CBS, where they announced that the attack had come from a right-wing militia type, and by the time I surfed back to The 700 Club a minute or two later, he had stopped calling it an attack, and started calling it a "tragedy."

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jhawke said...

if you ever get a chance to head down to this neck o' the woods, i highly recommend the memorial museum. it is pretty amazing.