Monday, October 04, 2010

John Scalzi on Atlas Shrugged

"As a foundational document for a philosophy for living in reality with other actual live human beings, I rank it below Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Secret, both of which also have the added value of being shorter."

There's more, but that's the gist, I think.


Moreena said...

My high school economics teacher, who I believe thought me a somewhat intelligent student, lost all respect for me when he found out that I thought the Seagull book was just fantastic. I could see it in his face. But the thing was that he didn't explain to me *why* he thought it was rubbish. Yeesh. 16-year-olds are not exactly critical thinkers.

Mike said...

He was probably an Ayn Rand fan. Personally, I think Richard Bach is great for teenagers to read, especially very bright ones. They need to be taught to use their powers for good.

I can't speak for yours, but my daughter has serious super-villain potential.