Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Up All Night feels real enough for TV

Let's be honest: Sitcoms usually suck. And Saturday Night Live alums tend to not be very good at playing realistic human beings. But the early clips of NBC's new sitcom Up All Night made me think/hope it might not suck, and might actually pull some decent humor out of being a new parent. My wife and I have two small kids, and I can vouch that there is a lot to laugh at in our situation. There's also a lot to cry at, and a lot to yell about, but I'd rather laugh than do either of those, so Yay For Comedy! (as long as the dad's not an idiot and the relationship looks like they actually love each other, etc., etc.)

Okay, sometimes the dad, played by Will Arnett, is kind of an idiot. But it's more the kind of idiocy that we all exhibit when we're sleep deprived and frustrated. His reaction to his own inability to find cheese in the grocery store rang true to me. I have those same "What the hell? I used to be smart!" kind of moments just about every day.

And, yes, the couple snaps at each other over stupid stuff. Which is exactly what you do when you're tired and frustrated. The "I got less sleep than you did, because I was watching you sleep while I took care of the baby!" argument is such a regular feature in our house that I'm thinking of just giving it a number to save time, as is the "How is it that a baby is stronger than me?" fight with the kid over a diaper change.

So, yeah, I give it my dad stamp of approval. It's funny, and it feels real.

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