Monday, September 26, 2011

Whitney and the commodification of sex

I watched NBC's new show Whitney, and I'm stuck on the fact that a major plot point is that heroine goes looking through her closet for sexy, and discovers that they're all out of sexy, and need to go to the sexy store to get some more.

I can see that the big comedic payoff is Whitney at the hospital in her sexy nurse costume, and that this is gets her there. Maybe in a previous era, she'd have gone to her priest (which could have also been very funny), or a female friend. Instead, she goes to her friends, and her friends take her to a store, where the help, advice, and costume are all handed out by a sales clerk in latex.

So what's going on here? Is the main character so out of touch with her own sexuality and the intimacy that should be the backbone of any romantic relationship that she has to go shopping for it? Or have we as a culture outsourced romance completely to the retail sector?

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